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Kim’s Tum-E-Time class has been one of my favorite activities with my four month old son. As a new dad, I’ve been looking for some fun one-on-one time with the little kiddo. Kim’s class is super relaxed and pay-attention-as-you-go. We learned a ton about early childhood development, awesome songs that have become household favorites, and massage techniques that our little one absolutely loves. Kim is the kindest and most down to earth facilitator and the overall atmosphere exudes friendliness and calm.

I took the sessions in Alameda on Sundays and my wife took the ones near Lake Merritt on Thursdays and we both had amazing experiences. Being able to take my son for an hour of playtime every Sunday was something we all looked forward to – he and I would spend an hour playing while his mom had 1-2 hours of some time to herself.

Kim has mentioned that she is working on a follow-up curriculum and our family is eagerly awaiting it! This has been one of the best things we’ve done with our son period.

If you get an opportunity to take one of Kim’s classes, you’ll enjoy every minute of it during and after! It’s so great to have a ton of go-to songs and games to play at home. I highly recommend taking a class as a couple or one-on-one as a new mom or dad, or both!!


Kim is very knowledgeable in early childhood development and has such a warm and kind spirit. I went to her tum-e-time classes with my second child and regretted never doing so with my first! At home, parents are always busy with the usual chores, work, other siblings, errands, etc. This class was such a special place to focus all my attention on bonding with my daughter through everything Kim taught us – baby massage, signing songs, sensory play. She is so supportive and sweet. I couldn’t recommend this class and Kim enough.


I can’t recommend Kim’s class enough! I just completed it with my 2 month old and found it so enjoyable and helpful I may enroll again to have my husband join! Kim has a wealth of knowledge in child development and each class I walked away with a better understanding of my baby as well as many new ways to play together with baby yoga, baby massage (helped our gas and colic so much!), ways to make tummy time fun, songs and sign language. She also devotes one whole session to creative play with household objects which was fascinating and so helpful to remind us adults to play and experience things as a child. I’m so happy I took this class, especially as i head back to work that my daughter and I have fun songs and new ideas play together.


Kim’s classes were incredibly helpful and empowering for a new parent. She is very knowledgeable in educating about a baby’s perspective and how to relate using many different tools. She showed us lots of ways to promote learning and development through fun activities. Her approach is positive and down to earth, and she offers creative ideas caregivers can call upon for a long time, along with lots of great resources and materials. Thanks, Kim!


I did a private tumetime class with Kim and would highly recommend it. We learned lots of great baby massage, yoga, songs, toys, etc. i feel armed with lots of fun tricks to use as I play with my baby and help him develop. Kim knows a lot about childhood development – I really valued her expertise that she peppered in about the baby’s physiological, emotional and cognitive development. Thank you for a great class!


For 4 weeks, my favorite thing to look forward to was Kim’s class. Her gentle approach and wisdom made it easy to love her and really value everything she brought to the table. Our baby was a surprise and as first time parents, I felt empowered to play an active role in my son’s development after learning from Kim. Baby massages have incredible benefits and she showed us the proper technique! The importance of tummy time, I had no idea, is extremely crucial to infants and now we honor that time daily at home. We loved her class and if and when we have our next baby, we will take it again – it’s worth it!


This class was so much fun! Kim is incredibly knowledgeable and fills up every minute of the hour.  My baby loved this class. I learned a lot and wish there was a Tum e Time 2 class because I would definitely sign up. Highly recommend! You will have a blast with your baby!





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