Need support now? Wondering what to do after Tum e Time is over?

Here are some ideas and resources that may come in handy.



East Bay:

~ Brian Barlay, L.Ac.

~ Alex Feng, L.Ac.

~ Don Gates, L.Ac.

~ Traci Moren, L.Ac.

San Francisco:

~ Nikki Fancher, L.Ac.

~ Marintha Tewksbury, L.Ac.


Baby Boot Camp:

East Bay:

~ Mary McQueen


Babywearing International:

Bay Area Chapter


Chiropractic Care:

East Bay:

~ Awaken Chiropractic: Armene Lamson and Kenda Burke

San Francisco and East Bay:

~ Thriving Life Wellness Center- Christine Cantwell


Craniosacral Therapy:

~ Chanti Smith, CPM, LM, SEP

~ Nancy Burke

~ Tomi Knutson


Dad Classes/Resources:

~ Dr. Bruce Linton, Fathers’ Forum


Exercise (postpartum health and fitness):

~ Helen Byrne, BeFit-Mom



~ Christine Ciavarella

Hahnemann Clinic, 400 Evelyn Ave., Ste. 21, El Cerrito, CA



Integrative Perinatal & Somatic Therapies:

~ Meghan Lewis, PhD

Elsa Asher and Chanti Smith



~ Janaki Costello, IBCLC and Molly Brannigan, IBCLC

~ Pat Mullarkey, 510.813.4830

~ Sabrina Freidenfelds, IBCLC



~ Jeremy Stuart, Body Wisdom   (510) 517.5858. Added bonus, this is my husband and we live close to the massage office, so if you want me to babysit while you get your massage, that can be arranged!

~Teresa Papadopoulos, Breakthrough Bodywork


Marriage and Family Therapists:

~ Anna Lindberg Cedar

~ Cathy Carr, LMFT

~ Karen Levine, MFT

~ Natashia Fuksman, MA, LMFT

~ Perinatal Psychotherapy Services (Gina Hassan, Lee Safran, Donna Rothert)


New Mom’s Groups:

~ Stacia Biltekoff, BirthWays Berkeley

~ Cathy Carr and Natashia Fuksman, Mom2Mom Rockridge


Sleep Consultants:

~ Beth Hammond

~ Annika Glaub

~ Dahlie Frydman


Parent Coach:

~ Teresa Currivan



~ Pediatric Alternatives

~ Sage Pediatrics


Prenatal Birth and Attachment Clinic:

~ Elsa Asher and Chanti Smith



~ Niall David Photography


Postpartum Doulas:

~ East Bay Postpartum Doulas



East Bay:

~ Whitney Rubin

San Francisco:

Alison Faison


Sensory development/Occupational Therapy:


Resource Centers (pre and post natal classes/children’s classes)

~ BirthWays, Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

~ Then Comes Baby, Grand Ave, Oakland


Find out what’s going on in the Bay Area

~ 510 Families

~ Parents Press Calendar

Bay Area Family Calendar Logo



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