Acetaminophen Research

Acetaminophen Research

There is new research regarding the usage of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in infants/children by a team of scientists from Harvard University and Duke University.

Please print this out, share it with friends and discuss with your Doctor, nurses, etc, especially if they are recommending it for infant/child pain. It is important that everyone know that pediatric Tylenol, according to this research, is not safe for the developing brain and may be implicated in the autism epidemic.

To read the research, go here:

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Fussy Baby Program for Alameda County

Does your new baby cry a lot?

Is he having trouble sleeping?

Is she having difficulty feeding?

Are you worried about being a good parent?

Are you feeling sad, stressed, or overwhelmed?

You’re not alone.

All babies cry, but some cry more than others. One in five babies is fussy—difficult to comfort and may have trouble feeding and sleeping. For parents, caring for a fussy baby can be exhausting and frustrating.

There is no quick fix—but there is help. Call JFCS/East Bay’s Fussy Baby Network Program if you have concerns about your baby’s temperament and behavior during their first year of life. Our Infant Specialists will work with you to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy your baby. We’ll also explore ways to reduce stress while supporting you in your important role as a parent.

Fussy Baby Parent/Infant Program

An Infant Specialist will respond to your initial call by the next business day. The Infant Specialist will meet with you in your home or at our office to explore your concerns, offer support, and provide resources. We will talk about your baby’s day, think together about strategies to soothe and calm your baby, and explore ways that you can enjoy your baby more and begin to take care of yourself.

JFCS/East Bay Fussy Baby Program
Phone: (510) 593-6773
Fax: (510) 704-7494

We’re here to help.
As a member of the Erickson Institute’s national Fussy Baby Network, JFCS/East Bay is here to provide quality support services for parents with new babies. Services are available in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. Insurance, Medi-Cal, and private pay service fees accepted.

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Can Early Intervention Reverse Autism?

This has been in the news the past couple weeks. Early intervention is critical to early childhood development. After working with families in the e.i. system, I realized how much they knew in their hearts when something ‘just wasn’t right’ with their baby. Encourage parents to follow their hearts, ask questions and get second and third opinions because pediatricians are not always able to pick up abnormalities in short office visits.

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We do not turn out “just fine”.

We do not turn out “just fine”.

When my daughter was about 3, her great grandmother swooped her up and said playfully, “You need a good spanking.” I froze. Those were the threats I grew up with and I never wanted my daughter to hear. My voice shook. “We don’t hit in our family.” I was met with an angered stare. “Then how will she ever learn?” was her gruff response. I stood strong, took my daughter from her and said, “The only thing you learn is that its OK to be hit and its OK to hit someone else.”

Not sure it made an impact on my grandmother, but for me and my daughter it was a moment when (as my friend put it) “You blew your genetic code right out of the water.”


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